Yacht – Pool Croatia is a branch of the Yacht – Pool International located in Austria. It is a company formed as an international association of boat owners with its main activity being the insurance of boats. It offers the best deals available to its clients and members. Yacht – Pool acts as an intermediary in insurance through which you can insure your boat at well known insurance companies. They offer much more than just that. Yacht – Pool issues you an insurance policy of an insurance company and offers you a 24 – hour help line. Yacht Pool has established its own terms for boat insurance. These terms are recognized and accepted by insurance companies. .

The terms are designed for boat owners. They have been established on the basis of knowledge in the field of shipbuilding, maritime law, insurance law and 30 years of experience by the 24 000 of Yacht Pool's members. Through the 24 – hour help line they advise and give instructions on what to do in the event of an accident. They have also issued a special printed version of instruction in case of an accident. They also assess damage and offer guidance in choosing repair contractors, purchasing parts, prices and services. Yacht – Pool also informs of safety regulations, anchorages, marinas, service areas, docks and advises in selecting, and purchasing of equipment, new or used boats and appraisal of the market value.

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Skipper's liability

We at X PRO d.o.o. also offer our charter guests the possibility of insuring skipper liability. Charter guests are usually not certain how or even if their boat is insured. All boats in our fleet are insured at the highest possible level – so we additionally offer our customers to insure skipper liability.

The skipper insurance is a subsidiary insurance in case a renter damages a vessel owned by a third party. The primary insurance in force is the insurance against third party damage concluded by the lessor. If the insurance previously stated does not cover part or the whole sum, this insurance comes into force. The sum insured ranges from 1 million Euros onwards for personal/property damage. It also covers the costs of confiscation, claims by fellow sailors, gross negligence committed by the skipper on the rented boat, hotel and travel costs for skipper/crew, if the boat cannot be delivered on time due to the damage, loss of next rent fee following damage to the boat etc. Damage to the vessel itself is not covered by this insurance.

For additional information on necessary insurance please contact us.

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