The archipelago Kornati is one of the most frequent groups of islands consisted of 152 islands and rocks. 89 of which have been named a part of the national park, because of its rich sea ecosystems and breath taking natural wonders. The naked island, which looks similar to the surface of the moon, with incredible contrast in contact with a heavenly blue sea, apparently houses many endemic species and is in abundance of life. Many of the national park areas are restricted, because they are a place for scientific studies. Kornati are one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Dalmatia.

Kornati offer many view points, which can be places of unforgettable moments and impressions. You will always remember the interesting geological and geomorphologic occurrences present in this area. Protected bays have restaurants who offer fresh fish and other kinds of seafood. It will only take around 30 minutes, using our selected vessels, to drive from our base to the national park Kornati.

The incredibly beautiful and rich star filled sky, silence, natural sea area, scent of fresh air, gentle night breeze will make your vacation a wonderful experience. Those who have already been to this part of the world know exactly what we are talking about. Swim in the crystal clear and warm sea. Enjoy an unforgettable vacation by renting a RENT A BOAT.


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