You do not need a magical formula for a magical trip. It is enough to look at a map, and with our vessels and guidance, take a trip down to the island of Dugi otok. This island is full of contrasts and it is also the largest island in the so called group of north-dalmatian islands. It measures around 45 kilometers in length and 1 to 4 kilometers in width. Its highest peak is the Vela Straža measuring at 338 meters, with a steep southwest coast and a series of so called »uvalas« in which the world famous sandy beach Sakarun and national park Telašćica stand out the most.


 One of the most beautiful natural resources on the island is definitely its beaches and bays. Near the Sakarun beach are the cities of Veli rat, Verunić, Soline and Boža. The beach got its reputation from the white sand and clean sea, surrounded by a pine forest, which provides shade during the hot summer months. The beach is 800 meters long and covers an unbelievable area of 250 square meters. The sea is only 3,5 meters deep, so it is perfect even for small children. Along the beach there are two restaurants where you can enjoy a number of fine cuisines. If you love the beach, we recommend renting a boat and a taking a trip to the beautiful beach Sakarun.


Protected area called Park prirode Telašćica is located north of national park Kornati. We sail to it through the artificially deepened channel Proversa Mala. Before us, the view opens to the entrance of one of the largest and most beautiful natural bays in the Adriatic Sea – Telašćica. It contains 25 beaches. The whole coast measures an astonishing 69 kilometers. Inside the park there are 13 islands of which the most interesting are the Katina around the park's entrance and Taljurič on the outer side of Dugi otok. The most visited attractions are certainly the salt lake Mir in the bay with the same name and outer walls – cliffs of Dugi otok which measure 166 meters above sea level. The vessel can be attached to one of the buoys in the bay of Mir. The admission fee to the Park Telašćica also covers the use of a buoy for one day. The beach offers a lot of opportunities for walks, sightseeing and dining. There are restaurants on the island of Katina, in the channel of Proversa Mala, bay Mir and Magrovica.