The island of Ugljan has many historic attractions. For instance the Venice fort of St. Michael or the 17th century mansion in the city of Lukerian. It also includes a baroque mansion from the 17th century in Sutomišćica, a church from the 13th century in Poljana, the St. Lawrence baroque church in the village of Kali and the St. Jeronima church from the 15th century in Kukjica. The city of Preko has a Franciscan monastery from the 11th century and a Roman church of St. John. As you can see Ugljan is an island of old churches and monasteries.

Ugljan is part of the archipelago of Zadar. It is called the green island, because of it spine forests, olive groves and other vegetation. It offers several fishing areas in Preko, Kali, Ugljan, Kukljica and other small cities. The unpopulated west side of the island is a paradise for underwater fishermen and an attractive area for divers. Event windsurfing finds its place on this island.


Ugljan offers a lot, so we recommend it to our customers who wish to visit it on foot or by boat.