Boat service

General boat service

Regular servicing of your boat is an important factor since it extends the service life of the vessel and helps its operating reliability. Only by continuous and conscientious maintenance of the boat, its equipment and protection materials will you able to ensure trouble free journeys. By regularly examining the state of the boat you will be able to avoid many types of damage and save additional costs or concerns.


General maintenance includes inspection of the boat and its sensitive elements:


Preparation for boating season

Before the season starts it is necessary to prepare the boat for proper function. We take care of:

Preparing vessels for winter

After the boating season has finished it is advisable to prepare the boat for winter. With proper preparation you can avoid some equipment failure and destruction of material. We perform a preventive check of all equipment which in our experience usually breaks down or is instructed for regular maintenance in accordance of the manufacturer's instructions. Winter preparation of certain boats covers quite a wide range of activities:

Winter maintenance

If you do not have enough time to control and maintain the boat during the winter, but you do not wish it unattended, we will be more than happy to handle this for you. It is well known that any device or equipment should not be left unattended for a long period of time, because doing so has many negative consequences, which can also lead to failure or inability to further use (clogged filters, hydraulics failure, obsolescence of materials etc.) Among other things we will perform: