Boat cleaning

Cleaning and care of the boats

To care for a vessel is a form of art. Professional maintenance is more than just cleaning and it’s absolutely more important than appearance. As a boat owner you are in a constant fight with external or natural forces. Sun, sea, rain, wind and sea salt in a rough environment aggressively damage the color, gel coat, metal, leather and acrylic parts of your vessel. Regular cleaning primarily affects corrosion damage – it prevents a lot of damage and prolongs life span. It also reduces vessel amortization.

Buying a boat is a big financial investment and so you should take great care of it. We at X PRO d.o.o. ensure professional care of your boat. We add a necessary shine to your boat, schedule regular maintenance and ensure your boat looks its best. Concern for detail and the ability to adapt to the customer is our excellence.

Washing and wax coating

During cleaning we use non-abrasive methods of washing and waxing. Thus effectively removing any sea salt and other dirt. We also apply a layer of wax and polish the whole exterior of the boat.

Removing the effect of oxidation and waxing

Old times have passed. We no longer use aggressive abrasive methods of removing the effect of oxidation on the boat’s »gel-coat«. Today we use a liquid oxidation remover which easily and effectively removes the effects of oxidation without any damage to the boat. With a special process of waxing we also ensure a long-lasting shine of the highest standard. The whole process maintains your boat's appearance of high quality. We also restore metal parts of the boat. Restoration includes repair of metal parts such as fences, bollards, bimini tops, but mainly we remove unwanted rust and damage caused by weather or erosion. Regular restoration of metal parts contributes to the high quality shine and protection of the boat from negative weather effects. 

Cleaning of leather and vinyl surfaces

Cleaning and maintaining of furniture, leather and vinyl surfaces ensures longevity, improved personal well-being and a feeling of joy while living on the boat. We also recommend a regular cleaning of the binge and engine compartments. It is very important to maintain both small and large engines. The state of the engine is one of the determining factors, if you ever wish to sell your boat. Regular maintenance, which also includes washing of the engine, provides better performance. Our service includes cleaning of the engine compartment – removal of motor oil and binge water, which accumulates during use. We also apply a special protective coating which gives the engine a better appearance. We also include a paint job, if necessary.

Interior cleaning

We do not have to stress the importance of interior cleaning. We maintain the interior of your boat with a complete cleaning process – which ensures your boat feels like your home. Once a week, once a month or when necessary our professional service personnel provide your boat with a perfect condition before a planned voyage.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning of carpets, furniture, curtains, fabric and other interior parts of your boat to provide a long life span, healthy well-being – which in turn ensures a better experience while on the boat.


Laundry cleaning and basic necessities - X PRO premium package -   NEW!

It does not matter if your stay on the boat is long or short, you need clean and fresh bed linen. On your request and your proposed time we change and clean your bed linen (the service is available with the general cleaning that is done by a maid). Tell us what you need, set your daily time of delivery and we will provide you with the items you wished to have – even luxury ones, without the hassle of searching for the items in an unfamiliar city. While we shop for your basic necessities and items, you can enjoy your time on board and plan your next sea adventure. We provide additional services per your request.